Wedding Planning

The Event Planners
Husband and wife team John and Frances are friendly and helpful nothing is too much bother, being a couple there is always someone for the heavy work and someone for the fine detail, although they don’t specify which is which.  They work well together and with other vendors, can mingle unobtrusively getting the job done without fuss or mess, and last but not least are trained florists able to decorate even the dingiest corner with a surprising bit of Scottish themed decoration.
What are you looking for in a wedding planner?
Most people want one or two things,  to save money and to ease pressure. We can do both.Whether you live abroad and your whole Scottish Wedding arrives in a box with easily readable instructions or within distance of us being with you on your day, we are happy to include relevant Scottish traditions and trinkets at no extra charge.We guarantee to save you money on at least some of the things you require with some freebies along the way.  A good mum will make sure her daughters day runs smoothly, but why should she do all the donkey work, like taxi-ing relatives, fixing the broken cake adding or removing guests as they decline/accept at the last minute leaving you with a table in the centre of the room stuffed to overflowing or virtually empty, we take the place of at least two good mothers, and take on all aspects of the day including the lead up to the day so it runs smoothly for the bride and groom and all fixable traumas are fixed with no fuss, the bride only finding out AFTER the day.We make sure you are free and able to stick to a timescale on the day that fits in with what you want to be doing, because there are two of us we literally can be at two places at once for you, yet you only pay one planning service charge.
One day package:   Suitable for Central Scotland brides.                                                         
If you require our assistance in the smooth running of your day only, to do the taxi-ing of relatives, ensuring florists, cake maker, venue decorator etc are all doing their job at the proper time and helping you to stick to your own timeline, then this one day service is for you.We meet perhaps once or twice before the day to iron out what is important to you that really must go right, then we start early on your wedding day overseeing your well laid plans, leaving your mum free to enjoy the big day too.We are one of the few companies who are there to help the groom too, we can even hand deliver his gift/poem to his bride at the precise time and place he chooses.
Boxed package:      Suitable for Britain or abroad.                  
Sent by courier: Items listed below, carefully packed with FREE INSURANCE and POST FREE:One Scottish themed silk brides bouquet, two bridesmaids, one flower girl posy, one groom two groomsmen and two dads buttonholes,  two mothers’ corsages, a tartan horseshoe, garter, silver-sixpence(in a pretty presentation card with instructions and traditions) 60 Scottish themed personalised invitations (choice of four styles) 100 place cards, 10 table names and table plan, one guest book with Scottish theme, 60 Scottish favours (choice of four styles all with FREE personalised name tags) Scottish cake decoration, (YOU SUPPLY THE CAKE WE SUPPLY THE DECORATION) cake slice and knife, wedding ring pillow, top table decoration of ivory roses, greenery and thistles, cake table garland with mini thistles and ivy.Wedding photograph album and wedding picture frame FREE OF CHARGE with this package.Always included are the little known Scottish wedding traditions and the means to carry them out, helpful hints and some hilarious Scottish folklore also enjoyable little known superstitions.
Silver Wedding  Planning Service
We will see you initially at home or other comfortable place of your choice, discuss your requirements/budget and what we can do for you and of course at what price? The price quoted will be our fee, only agreed after we decide how much or how little you need doing , usually 8% (eight per cent) of the cost of your wedding with a minimum charge of £500(Apart from the single day package that stays fixed at £250)
Items and things you need a planner for or you may simply need help with
Choosing a venue to be married in (Visiting your short list for suitability) Choosing a church to be married in (Visiting your choice and meeting minister) Theme and colour scheme co-ordination ( Finding the best match for you) Bride and groom  and attendants outfits (Phoning round for appointments from your list) Flowers and decoration of venue (Make all floral bouquets/decoration and flower gifts) Cake and favours (Helping you to find and decorate the cake and favours you have chosen) Guest list (Help organise the guests both on invitation and on the wedding day practicalities) Wedding invitation/ place cards (Helping you find or make those) Wedding rings and jewellery (Finding the right rings at the price you want to pay) Honeymoon and luggage (Helping with fine details through to getting you away) Photographer/Videographer (Helping find and choose one) Wedding entertainment (From booking the disco to organising the piper /entertainer) Transport (Helping organise the cars/carriages /buses) Stag and Hen Party (Everything from what to wear to where to celebrate) Hairdresser/make-up (We can take you to your rehearsal and on the day itself) Scottish wedding traditions and superstitions ( A fun reminder of our Scots roots)
Platinum Wedding Flower and Decorating Package
Top of the range Service Package, includes  tartan tablecloths, lots of thistles and more . This is a five day plan that includes everything floral and decorative. Day one :  we travel to your home city Day two : we visit the places to be decorated arrange what decoration is required and visit the flower market nearby (having checked this out beforehand) to acquire what fresh flowers are needed for the decorating of the hall/church/venue. Day three:  Brides’ Scottish bouquet, corsages, posies all made  and delivered to the bride and grooms buttonholes to him.  We work right through day three to decorate and oversee all Scottish themed displays, floral arrangements, table-centres, cake table, top table, etc.  (All Scottish thistles, heather, tartan etc are brought with us in our luggage as part of a hire package) (Included in the initial charge) Wedding Day :  Oversee all floral arrangements and  deliver any last minute flowers, help with any decorating plans etc. Day five:  We clear up the venue, take back our thistles tartan etc, and travel back to Scotland. You pay the 8% charge for our exclusive five days of work, our travelling fares to get to you our accommodation costs for the four days needed to stay over, and any flower costs that need to be bought, the wedding party bouquets and Scottish items that you keep afterwards, there is no extra charge for the hired thistles tartan tablecloths and tartan ribbon used as we bring it back with us. This package is available for anywhere in the world, provided you pay for flowers used, our travelling and accommodation costs plus our 8% fee.  Wedding party flowers to be paid also!
Just what do we get for our money?
We give you all the information and help you need before and during the big day, we do not pay for  anything or book it without you sanctioning it first, we remind you of deposits and final payments, including our own £250 deposit on booking our services and final payment (if there is one) 2 weeks before the day. We visit church/minister/venue, lots of professionals, make and take their phone calls, help choose and make favours, table centres, cake, hen/stag night arrangements, sort out large and small problems on the day, like taxis for stranded guests that do not know there way, fully decorate the venue, oversee caterers, help you stick to a budget and timeline even save you money as we get a discount often for using the same professionals that have been used happily before. We can liaise with guests who may have travelling/accommodation problems, often sorting them without the bride even being aware there was a problem, double check gifts to and from the bride and groom often hand delivering them at the exact time specified, can help with your table plan, place cards and table decorations, ensure you see any gifts that are brought to the reception, so as you can say a proper thank you. All of this and much more help at the fixed fee we set at the outset, the only price change is if you authorise us to pay for something in your absence we would need re- paid after receiving a receipt of course, short journey fuel costs, parking fees etc will not be charged only larger costs agreed with you beforehand.